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Emergency Credit and Personal Loans

Personal loans can tide you over a difficult patch in your monthly cash flow, help you pay for things upfront, or give you breathing space when bill and mortgage statements come tumbling in. Here's how to get cheap deals on your personal loan and rein in potentially runaway expenses:

Shop around: too often, it's easy to settle for a familiar bank's offer or reach for the nearest loan lender's terms. Follow up on their loan offers by going around town; you might reel in winning comparisons if you cast a wider net. Go online, flip through the directory or get ideas from contacts on loan sources.

Get quotes: flat rate lenders may be available from some emergency credit lenders, but most will assess your credit risk score first before offering you an interest rate. Research on their policies and see if their projected risk assessment will substantially affect your personal loan payments in the future. Look for lenders that offer flexible interest terms if you're paying over a long time.

Repayments: consider the amount of interest you will be paying over the personal loan's lifetime over the ease with which you can make the monthly installments. A longer repayment period lets you push back demands on your budget into the future, for the price of a larger total cash-out. Consider that every dollar you pad in early into your repayments can save you two dollars in the long term; just make sure your loan terms will not penalise you for making extra payments.

Know your terms: anticipate the scenarios that can affect your repayment effort, read the fine print and see how a default or early payment can affect your personal loan. Be aware of introductory rates that serve to cushion you for a few cycles, which would mean more costs once the discounts stop.

Personal Loan Tiers: your interest payments will depend a lot on the amount you're borrowing: credit companies will offer structured rate scales for their loans. You might pay a higher interest rate for borrowing a few hundred dollars more or vice versa.

Consolidating loans: by pooling your bills into a comprehensive repayment plan, you might escape onerous terms and follow through on your repayments more easily.

Emergency credit: when you need cash fast, it pays to have standby fund sources at hand. You'll do well to look for an emergency credit lender before the need occurs. See if your bank or lending institution would waive fees, charge you a lower interest at tier or offer a respite if emergency situations place you in a difficult position.